My VP Saga

Fan of board games born in Greece. Started Designing during covid period. Since 2023, I Have been professionally involved in the design and development of boardgames. On my personal website can find information about all the projects I have undertaken, as well as details about my upcoming releases. I have also taken part in numerous playtests of games created by other designers

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DEVELOPMENT: Do you need any help for your project?

These steps outline the key stages in creating a board game, starting from the initial idea and progressing through to its successful completion.
We can provide you any of these steps:
• Evaluation of the concept by our specialized team.
• Theme development and advisory ideas.
• Creation of a prototype and refinement of mechanisms.
• Digital ART creation.
• Optimizing the prototype following extensive playtesting sessions.
• Rulebook creation.
• Placement of the prototype on a digital platform (Tabletopia).
• Promotion to companies or self-publishing.
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CONTENT CREATION: What type of content would you like?

Our team or our partners can create any type of content you’re interested in, whether it’s How to Play guides, Promos, Giveaways, or anything else you may need.
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WEB DESIGN: What type of website fits better for you?

We provide a broad spectrum of websites, ranging from thoroughly professional designs to cutting-edge dynamic layouts and straightforward, user-friendly blogs.
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