Underground Manager


A Board Game designed by Vasilis Patroulias

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Explore the immersive world of UNDERGROUND MANAGER, a board game designed for 2-6 players Inhabit a futuristic realm where forbidden pleasures hold sway and witness the heart-pounding action of the cageball arena, where mighty cyborgs clash in an exhilarating spectacle of combat.

In this game, take on the role of a team manager, each aligned with a unique president, each possessing distinct abilities, resulting in dynamic and asymmetrical gameplay. Using a draft mechanism, each player assembles a roster of cyborgs, influenced by their chosen president and a selection of cyborg cards.

These cyborg cards offer a diverse range of attributes, including raw power, defensive capabilities, luck-based strategies, and more. Throughout the experience, players make strategic decisions, such as acquiring new cyborg cards, selling existing ones, and improving team facilities, all of which positively impact their performance. Various buildings provide upgrades across different aspects of the game.

However, the real essence of the experience lies in its clandestine underworld. Here, players forge secret agreements, employ unconventional tactics, manipulate media, and sow discord among rivals. Secure essential gear or refine your team’s strategy for the upcoming match, all while navigating a world filled with intrigue.

Each round is influenced by special Event cards, introducing captivating restrictions that challenge players in various ways. As moves are executed, excitement builds. Players must carefully curate their cyborg squad for the impending match. Through a unique mechanism, offensive and defensive scores are calculated, ultimately determining victory points.

The round culminates in players earning income through television contracts, reflecting their in-game performance. At the core of the experience lies its diverse range of strategic paths to victory. Whether through financial acumen, underworld influence, a dominant cyborg team, or upgraded facilities, the game offers a plethora of winning strategies.

Introducing superstar cyborgs acquired through spirited bidding, MVP awards for additional victory points, covert agreements leading to unforeseen score shifts, and a pervasive element of propaganda and intrigue. With each round, players are presented with a wealth of options, enabling them to adapt to any challenge that arises.

Competitive mechanics, including dice rolls, card attributes, and the unique behaviors of cyborgs, amplify the intensity of team battles. Immerse yourself in a world of innovation, strategy, and pioneering gameplay mechanics. Will you harness the power of this experience to lead your team to victory?

This enthralling game falls within the medium category, accommodating 2-6 players and boasting an average playtime of approximately 25 minutes per player. Seamlessly integrating worker placement, fighting, economics, management, deck building, and dice rolling mechanics, this immersive and exhilarating adventure will keep you coming back for more.

GALLERY (Playtests)

  • Underground Manager - Playtest #2