Altar: Realms of the gods

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A card game designed by Vasilis Patroulias and published by The Red Joker

Altar Realms of the gods

Altar is a 1 to 5 player game where players incarnate ancient gods who seek to dominate humanity by becoming the most revered entity. Each one gives in to his passions: Love, Fear, Anger, Sadness to prevail over their fellow creatures. Which god will prevail, exuding magnetism and authority over a crowd of faithful followers of their charisma? Each participant must activate as many altars as possible to the glory of their god, while developing a strategy to prevent the other players from doing so. Surprises and tricks will enlive games and each one will be as much a narrative experience that you can share with your friends as a battle for tactical supremacy.


During set-up, the players choose the god or the goddess who suits them best. They draw follower cards whose strengths, resources, skills, and talents must be used wisely to limit competition from other gods by detecting their weaknesses to the player’s advantage.

During their turn players will:

  • Draw a follower card.
  • Perform an action.
  • Play as many free actions as they want and as their hand allows.

The Goal

Goal of the game

The goal of the game is to activate altars and build at least 1 Sanctuary before the end of the game. A god can have several shrines built in his honor, each of which will replace an altar. The game ends when a god has fulfilled this victory condition but also when there are no more sanctuaries to build or adept cards to draw.

This tension is likely to be great between the different strategies aiming at ending the game when you are in a strong position!

How to Play (Video with the Designer)

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Where you can purchase it!

Where you can purchase it

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Where you can play it online! (Tabletopia)

You can play the digital version of the base game and get an idea of the gameplay and the mechanisms of Altar!

Also you can download the rulebook by pressing the button below!

Teaser Video

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